How Much Does It Cost To Furnish A Home?

You don’t need to fear what a recession means for the housing market. If we do have a recession, experts say it will be mild and short, and history shows it also means mortgage rates go down.

Buying a new home? Plan and prioritize! There are a few ways to budget for furnishing each room in your new home.


1. Average Costs

2. Living Room

3. Dining Room

4. Bedroom

5. Home Office

6. Expert Tips to Save


In 2022, the average price of a home in the United States was around

$348,000. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to spend 20–30% of a home’s purchasing price on furniture to reflect the value of the home. This means you could spend at least $69,000 on furnishing an average sized home around 2,600 square foot from scratch.

Furnishing costs vary wildly depending on your needs, budget and what you already own. It helps to get a general idea of a moderate budget for each main room in the home and make personal adjustments from there.


The living room is what guests are most likely to see and it’s where we spend much of our downtime. Here’s what furnishing a living room on a moderate budget might look like:


The dining room is where we gather with families and friends for dinners and special occasions. Here’s what furnishing a dining room on a moderate budget might look like:


The bedroom is a sanctuary from the outside world. Here’s what furnishing a bedroom on a moderate budget might look like:


Home offices are highly practical rooms and essential for many  of us. Here’s what furnishing a home office on a moderate budget might look like:

This list does not include equipment like a desktop, monitor, printer and scanner. Home office necessities will vary based on your needs and the nature of your work.


The following tips can help you save big on furniture:

  • Utilize garage sales and online marketplaces for used furniture.
  • Strive for quality over quantity by investing in furniture that will last you a lifetime.
  • Take advantage of seasonal sales cycles, especially at the end of summer and winter.
  • Start with the rooms you’ll be spending more time in.
  • Utilize garage sales and online marketplaces for used furniture.

Furnishing your new space is a rewarding experience. Planning ahead will go a long way toward reaching your goals. If you have questions about how to budget for your new home, give me a call!

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