Mortgage Rates: Past, Present, and Possible Future

September 16, 2023

To understand where mortgage rates may be going, it’s helpful to look at where they’ve been in the past. There’s a clear connection between inflation and mortgage rates, and if that historical relationship holds true, the recent decline in inflation may mean good news for the future of mortgage rates and your homeownership goals.

Why You May Still Want To Sell Your House After All

September 9, 2023

If you need to sell now because something in your own life has changed, don’t let rates hold you back from what you want. You have options to help make that move possible.

How Inflation Affects Mortgage Rates

August 27, 2023

What happens to mortgage rates depends on inflation. If inflation cools down, mortgage rates should go down too.

Sellers: Don’t Let These Two Things Hold You Back

August 15, 2023

Instead of focusing on the challenges sellers may face, focus on what you can control.

The Main Reason Mortgage Rates Are So High

July 8, 2023

When it comes to forecasting mortgage rates, no one can know for sure exactly what will happen

The Impact of Changing Mortgage Rates

June 6, 2023

If you’re looking to buy a home, you should know even a small change in mortgage rates has an impact on your purchasing power.

How Changing Mortgage Rates Can Affect You

May 29, 2023

Your ability to buy a home could be impacted by changing mortgage rates.

What You Should Know About Rising Mortgage Rates

March 5, 2023

The biggest challenge the housing market’s facing is how few homes there are for sale.

3% Mortgage Rates Are Not Returning Anytime Soon

February 11, 2023

Last year, the Federal Reserve took action to try to bring down inflation. In response to those efforts, mortgage rates jumped up rapidly from the record lows we saw in 2021, peaking at just over 7% last October. Hopeful buyers experienced a hit to their purchasing power

Mortgage Rates Will Come Down, It’s Just a Matter of Time

December 13, 2022

This past year, rising mortgage rates have slowed the red-hot housing market. Over the past nine months, we’ve seen fewer homes sold than the previous month as home price growth has slowed. All of this is due to the fact