Your Equity Could Make a Move Possible

June 18, 2024

Want to find out how much equity you have? To do that, you’ll need two things:

The current mortgage balance on your home

The current value of your home

The Sun is Shining on Sellers this Summer

June 13, 2024

Many buyers are eager to move between the school years, so you may see a faster sale, multiple offers, a higher final sales price, and more.

What To Expect if You Buy or Sell a Home This June

June 12, 2024

Because there are more buyers this time of year, you’re in a great spot as a seller. Buyers trying to time their move with the school year may need to delay a bit or move faster.

Foreclosure Activity Is Still Lower than the Norm

March 30, 2024

Even though the housing market is experiencing an expected rise in foreclosures, it’s nowhere near the crisis levels seen when the housing bubble burst.

2 Factors That Impact Mortgage Rates

March 28, 2024

To navigate any mortgage rate changes and their impact on your moving plans, it’s best to have a team of professionals on your side.

Why Today’s Housing Supply Is a Sweet Spot for Sellers

March 20, 2024

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell, now’s a good time. You’ll have more options when buying your next home, and there’s still not a ton of competition from other sellers.

It’s Time To Prepare Your House for a Spring Listing

March 14, 2024

By decluttering, deep cleaning, and tidying up your house, you can create a welcoming environment that resonates with buyers and increases your chances of a successful sale.

Don’t Let the Latest Home Price Headlines Confuse You

March 12, 2024

Don’t let home price headlines confuse you. The data shows that, as a whole, home prices rose in 2023.

Some Experts Say Mortgage Rates May Fall Below 6% Later This Year

March 4, 2024

If you wanted to move last year but were holding off hoping rates would fall, now may be the time to act.

Expert Home Price Forecasts for 2024 Revised Up

March 1, 2024

At first, experts believed home prices would only go up a little this year. But now, they’ve changed their minds and forecast prices will grow even more than they originally thought.