Have You Found the Right Buyer’s Agent? Double Check.

When you’re shopping for a house or selling one, it’s best to rely on a buyer’s agent to make the right choice. Remember that a buyer’s agent is a real estate agent or realtor that represents the potential buyer, not the seller. Double-check if you’ve chosen the right real estate agent for your property search or sale:

Listening To Your Gut Feeling

First impressions must never be downplayed. Your real estate agent is someone you’ll be working with for weeks, if not months, so you want to be particular about their vibe. So unless you want to be stuck with someone difficult, it’s best not to reject the initial emotional response. Your agent must be easily accessible to convey your concerns to them timely.

Ask About Their Experience and Seek Testimonials

Although you’re going to ask your real estate agent eventually about their experience with buyers, you want to get into the nitty-gritty by inquiring if they have had sold in the neighborhood previously. Likewise, online reviews are sure to help you figure out the opinion of former clients for this particular agent.

Being Clear About the Goals

How quickly do you want to move into the new house? What kind of house would best fit your family? You want to err on the side of communication to ensure your real estate agent target what’s important for you. Your real estate agent must also be respectful of the client’s schedule and communication preferences; you always want to ask what’s a good time to connect and through which medium.

If you aren’t comfortable working with double agents, say so early on! Dual agents function as both sellers and buyers agents, sometimes resulting in a massive conflict of interest.

Ask About the Sales Contract

When an agent asks you to sign a contract, it shouldn’t scare you, but you do what to enquire what is stated in the sales contract. You want to have a clear escape route if you want to quit working with this particular agent in the midst of it. Make sure you know of any hidden charges by reading the fine print.

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